Monday, June 10, 2013

bridge disected

getting ready for a show going up at Euro Pane here in Pasadena,

The work builds on my collaboration with the talented photographer Kat Roberts. We have tackled similar subjects and compositions previously, however this time Kat provided her beautiful metallic prints and I collaged, painted, drew, and in this case sewed all over them. The series was challenging and I will post more  as the show goes up this weekend.

24x36in mixed media on metallic photo.

this was the photo image before I worked into it.


  1. Wow, that is so cool! I love all those varied lines and textures and I always love your colors. I think I need to do more brown/sepia/mustard art. Maybe with teal. Such a great combination!

    I'm not quite sure which are the painted areas - are those little twigs with flowers painted? It's a great detail!

    1. THank you so much Cindy, I appreciate you stopping by and look forward to see what you have been up to as of late.

      I added a before image to the post (showing the photo I was working with) now you can see that all the little twigs etc. where drawn painted in.. the sewing is the ladders on the lower right of the image making their way about half way up before changing to painted ladders.

      and yes, I would love to see you do some brown/mustard/sepia work:)

    2. Wow so neat! Definitely put before and afters if you have them!

    3. Will do Cindy!! I shall post more in the coming days:)

  2. It always mazes me to see what you are able to do. Good Luck with the show!