Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Items online!!!

Finally, I have a few items available online! Thanks to the wonderful response from so many of you at the POPUP shop last weekend. I was so nice to see so many in person, stop and chat for a few, once again thank you! Some of the inventory from the shop is available here for those who couldn't make ithttp://www.ra-di-ant.com/catalogue.html 

As you know much of my work available is in either very small quantities (the cards) or the one and only. For example there is just one hand drawn wooden ornament left! If you are looking for delivery by Christmas, T-shirts and light sculptures must be ordered by the 18th and all else by Friday the 19th.
http://www.ra-di-ant.com/catalogue.html I would sincerely appreciate if you are so inclined to share:)

Happy Holidays Everyone!!!