Monday, October 14, 2013

Bridge Box, Lost Box, Suspended Box

Bridge Box

Lost Box

Suspended Box
I love boxes and all that they hold.  These boxes each 13x13x2.5" wooden hinged and with front latch each have detail view archival prints mounted on the top and interiors planes. Each are signed and sealed.

This particular format is new for me and I am excited to create more.

Thank you ArtWalk Pasadena!

Thank you to the wonderful Playhouse District Association for coordinating yet another amazing ArtWalk.  I met and talked with so many kind people.  It was also so very encouraging to see some folks returning and making it there mission to stop by to see me and the new work. Although I would love to find a way to say thank you to each and every individual, I am going to send this HUGE THANK YOU out into the world here and hope it reaches all those there to support in person and those whom did so from afar.

If you were one of the folks out there let me know, I would love to hear from you, and I want to remind you that if you couldn't find the print or piece you were searching for that day, let me know, I will create it just for you!

Remember you can always email me at
And again THANK YOU!!!!!