Saturday, October 20, 2012

Archival Print Signed Greeting Cards

Paper Doll Evening Dress Cards
Paper Doll Striped Dress and Guitar greeting cards

Haunted House Greeting Cards
Radio, Vox Amp, and Striped Base Greeting Cards
Warthog and Lost Greeting Cards

Projector, Apothecary, Write Greeting Cards.
Tall house, Blue Dress Form, and Castle Green Greeting cards

All cards are archival, sealed, and signed and hand assembled.  These pictures were taking as I dealed each card in preparation for a recent art walk.  They will soon be available on the Etsy shop I am building.  I have print versions of all of my work. If you are interested in getting a card or two before the Etsy shop is up, send me an email (, they are $5.00 each plus postage (you can frame them).


  1. These look terrific! I don't even know how I would pick just one. Looking forward to seeing your Etsy shop!

    Your booth below looks really great! It looks like tons of work!

    1. Thanks Cindy, my hope is no one will be able to choose just one:) The booth was alot of work and filled with alot of work! But so much fun, I think I am still recovering though...