Monday, January 16, 2012

Castle Green Final

"Castle Green" 18x24 drawing/painting with handmade paper on masonite 2in profile frame.


  1. Love this painting - love the textures, the colors, and the subject. My parents, grandparents, and greatgrandparents on both sides spent a couple of generations in Pasadena. When my dad recently saw this painting, he told me his aunt (crazy hoarder aunt) lived at Castle Green until she died many years ago. My grandmother apparently has interesting stories of cleaning out her apartment there. An old building like this has so many stories, and you just never know how many of them might be personal to you.

    1. Katie, Thank you for this post, I am just seeing it now. I am so very grateful for your kind words and so very happy you like it and that it sparked conversations within your family:)

    2. Katie, I hope you post some of your grandmas interesting stories for us to read!
      And, this painting is interesting as well.